Included here are photos taken of our miniature collection consisting of both items gathered from various sources, as well as items we made or repaired and enhanced. Miniatures in this scale (1/6th or 2in = 1ft) are much harder to come by than the traditional doll house scale, that's why we enjoy it so much because it's like a treasure hunt. Miniature collecting has been our hobby for more than 12 years, and photographing our collection started in about 1996. Our collection had become quite extensive by that time so we decided to take photographs, which turned out much better than we anticipated.
All of these photos were taken before starting MiniEwan

Living Room


Play Time

Sewing Room

Oriental Cabinet

Sewing & Crafts

Doll House

Kid's Room

Guy's Room




Hangin' in the Attic




Out Cold

On the Street




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