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MiniEwan, for all intents and purposes,has
gone into retirement...

Nettie and I felt it was time to state officially that for the most part, MiniEwan
has gone into retirement.Our lives have taken many turns over the past few
years and though we still adore Mr. McGregor, we simply don't have time to
devote to the MiniEwan hobby. We would alter the site to make it more of
a typical fansite, but there are already such wonderful ones out there we
don't feel it's needed. So, we will continue to leave the classic MiniEwan images
here for all to enjoy and maybe, time permitting, we'll add a few new ones
here and there.

Over the years we have made so many wonderful friends through this website.
Thanks to all of you who have sent us such sweet communications about MiniEwan and who have contributed to the website. Of course, if anyone donates any images to the site we will still do updates, so please don't hesitate to contact us.

And to Ewan we say, thank you for your kind words on The Tonight Show and for just being the great person you are. We are so happy you have enjoyed the site and our hearts are with you and your beautiful family. Yours always, ~Nada & Nettie

MiniEwan acknowledged on The Tonight Show
with Jay Leno

"...in America they'd be called, psychos." Jay Leno
Well okay Jay, maybe we're a little eccentric, but actually we're just super creative with a
straaaange sense of humor.You of all people should understand that. ;)
Image above from last night's show borrowed from www.ewanspotting.com (thanks) until we make our own screen cap.

Video coming soon...

Lots of fans have emailed us and signed our guestbook after seeing the show and we'd like to thank
all of you for your kind comments! All you guys ROCK! :)


MiniEwan© in The Sunday Mail Scottish Newspaper

Read Artricle Here

TheMiniFacesofEwan© listed as one of the top Ewan McGregor sites to see!


Interview for Lifestyle Live (UK Internet Forum)

Recently I (Nada) enjoyed a great interview by Jan Fox for Lifestyle Live, an internet forum in the UK. For those of you who might have read the interview, I wanted to clarify a couple of mistakes. Firstly, we DON'T own 200 Ewan dolls. We only have 4 MiniEwan's and a couple of extra Obi Wan dolls. We do have close to 200 dolls in general, but certainly NOT that many Ewan dolls! Also, our entire home is NOT taken up with MiniEwan. Only a single, small bedroom is taken up with all of our miniatures and doll collection. The piece ended up sounding a bit like a tabloid with those errors, so we wanted to clear that up. Yes, we're creative and eccentric, but not THAT whacked out. And it can take a full weekend to do a few photos for this site, but we rarely have time for it anymore with
work and personal lives. We'd like to thank Jan for the interview and welcome any visitors here who might have found us through reading it. If you have any additional questions about the interview or what we do in general, please drop us a line.


707 Brand Communications,

Is a company out of Amsterdam who e-mailed us for permission to use an image from our MiniDown With Love page for their company Christmas cards. We appreciate their e-mail and loved the card so much we wanted to show it here. Here's their website address: http://www.707bc.nl so you can go pay them a visit.

Thanks Bas for dropping us a line. We hope everyone loved your card as much as we do. Nada & Nettie


Thanx so much Maddi of Obsession
for presenting us with our very first award
for the New& Improved MiniEwan!

Our First Awards for the Original MiniEwan© Website!

Thank You Monica
of Tenshi's Moulin Rouge Section!

Thank You Trinity and Neo of The Chamber of a Journey  Moulin Rouge site!


Thank You Jessica & Andrea
of Spectacular! Spectacular!

The MiniMcGregor Award of Excellence
Presented to our favorite Websites!

We've been friends with Josie and visiting her website for years now. We are grateful for her excellent site and up to date Ewan news coverage. Thank you Josie for all of your hard work!
We're way overdue for awarding someone so soon we'll be picking another favorite website! Stay tuned!


Please do not take any images from our website and claim them as you own!
All images are the sole property of Nada and Nettie at TheMiniFacesofEwan© (MiniEwan© By You and third party Gallery submissions are the sole property of their creators). If you want to use any of our images on another website, or for any other purpose than personal enjoyment, please contact us and ask our permission, and be sure to give us due credit. We are not concerned about the unaltered images of Ewan McGregor himself, only the dolls, miniatures, artistically altered Ewan images,
and Mr. Leo Ruhnau. We greatly appreciate your honesty. Thank you.

TheMinifacesofEwan 2015©