Updated June 8, 2006

Dearest Ewan,

It's just wonderful that you've enjoyed what we've created for you and all of your fans here. Hopefully you will return occasionally to check in. We are still hoping to get to meet you someday. We wanted so badly to see Guys and Dolls in London, but just couldn't get there. Several darling friends we met through this website told us how much they enjoyed it.

Your fans are really wonderful! Ewan, something about you touches a part of us unlike anyone else. Your determination and instinct that led you to become an actor was certainly inspired. With all of the troubles in the world, I know sometimes it may feel less important, but you need to know that you bring happiness to all of us who love you. In many ways you've inspired Nettie and I to take leaps in life, and as a result we're happier than we've ever been. Almost daily I think of something you said back in the beginning of your career: that you didn't even consider not being successful as an actor. That is the way we look at our lives and success now, following your exanple. Thank you. :)

Our additions to this site are much fewer than in the beginning, but we aren't finished by a longshot. We have lots of plans and will be managing our time to get more photos done when we can. As you can imagine, some photos take time because we have to create from scratch the clothing, set pieces and backdrops. So even if it looks like there's nothing new for a period of time, check back if you like and we will be adding more. Gosh, we have a lot to catch up on already!

Oh, and Long Way Round was FANTASTIC! We love Charlie, what a great guy! We cried when your dad surprised you and related to your feelings during all of the hardships and rewards of such an immense undertaking. Even though we're looking forward to Long Way Down, we're going to worry about you! You guys were definitely blessed and guided on your adventure last time, so we'll keep that in mind as you embark on your next journey.

We love you and God bless!

Khanada & Annette  XXOO

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Nada (L) and Nettie (R) sitting outside theater waiting for The Island sneak preview. :)