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Even though we have not been able to keep up
with new MiniEwan photos, we will always love Ewan to bits!
Big hugs and lots of love to you Mr. McGregor! ~Nada & Nettie



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Quite awhile ago, Down With Love Director, Peyton Reed emailed us the sweetest message. Click here to read it

Thank you Peyton, for taking the time to drop us a line. We hope we'll get to see more great movies from you like Down With Love! ~Your true fans, Nada & Nettie xoxo

MiniEwan acknowledged on The Tonight Show!
(March 10, 2005)

A VERY special thanks to Patricia at Ewan's Playground
for the fantastic images below!

We have removed the video due to it being taken down from YouTube by NBC. Silly, we know, but just don't want to ask for trouble here as well.
Thanks to all of you for the kind comments after seeing the show! ~Nada & Nettie

MiniEwan appears on MiniLeno!
Click picture for larger image

"It's two girls... They make scenes from my films with me, but they use dolls... the attention to detail is unbelievable." ~Ewan on Leno 2005

Thank you so much, Ewan, for your kind and encouraging words! We were recording your interview with Leno that night, having NO idea our website was about to get mentioned. Needless to say we were squealing and completely thrilled to know for sure you are familiar with what we've done here for you and your fans! This is our way of telling you we love and admire you very much! Responsibilities and busy lives might keep us from doing as much here as we used to, but our excitement over you and your work hasn't diminished at all. We wish you and your beautiful family love, light and blessings always. ~Nada & Nettie xoxo



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Visit our web site devoted to the adorable and immensely talented James Purefoy
No doll recreations there, but loads of photos, screencaps, videos and LOTS of fun stuff! Enjoy!


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