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Nettie found the above picture of Leo in August 2001 while making copies for Ruby Tuesdays in Florida at Inky Fingers print shop where she worked. The yearbook was from Michigan State College, 1940 or 1941, we believe Leo was a freshman due to the small size of the photo. We would like to thank all of the Ewan fans/friends who helped us find the very best pics of Ewan to show how much he and Leo look alike. Below you can learn some more about Leo and his family. Special thanks to Maddi of Obsession: http://users.cableaz.com/~mitch/maddi/ for all of her help in searching out more info on him, and to Leo's cousin who was kind enough to respond to our inquiry about Leo and give us permission to post his info here!

Excerpts From THE MIDLAND DAILY NEWS Oct. 2, 1950 - pgs. 1 & 9
Leo Ruhnau Victim of Head-On Collision on US-10; Six Others Injured in Sunday Morning Mishap

    Leo Francis Ruhnau, 33, son of Mrs. Ellen Ruhnau...was one of 11 persons killed in traffic accidents on Michigan highways over the week-end... Six other Midland County residents were injured, two seriously, in the two car head-on crash in which Ruhnau lost his life, according to State Police of the Mt. Pleasant Post. The fatal accident occurred on US-10, two miles east of Clare, about 4 a.m. Sunday. Ruhnau died on the way to Mt. Pleasant Community Hospital. His brother, Joseph, 24, driver of the car, was taken to Mt. Pleasant Hospital where he was treated for facial, arm and elbow lacerations and later released.
     Robert P. Klein, 27...the third occupant in the Ruhnau car, was reported in good condition at the Mt. Pleasant Hospital.... State Police said they had not as yet determined the driver of the second car or had not ascertained the cause of the accident. The Ruhnau auto was going west on the highway while the other car was headed east, officers stated. Both autos were totally wrecked and police are continuing their investigation.
     Mr. Ruhnau was born April 23, 1917, in Midland where he had lived all of his life. He was graduated from Midland High School in 1936 and from Michigan State College in 1942. He was a member of the college Alumni Association. He had been employed as a chemist in the main laboratory of the Dow Chemical Company...
     Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Wednesday from the Bradford Funeral Home with Rev. John Batdorf, pastor of the Jefferson Avenue Church of God, officiating Burial will be in Midland cemetery...


Leo Francis Ruhnau

* BIRTH: April 23, 1917 (Taurus)
* DEATH: Oct. 1, 1950
* BURIAL: Midland City Cemetery, Orchard Drive, Midland, Michigan

Not much is known about Leo, but I had the privilege of speaking to his first cousin on the phone as well as obtaining the newspaper article about the crash that ended his short life (excerpts above). We would be delighted to learn more of his interests and his life. If you happen to have any additional info on Leo, please don't hesitate to email us.

Genealogical Info:

Family Cemetery Photo: http://www.rootsweb.com/~mtphotos/custer/custer-milescity-calvary-cemetery-old-4.htm


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